Hi darling, welcome to Eve's Wonderland.
We are happy to have you here!

You are now member of our cute little family so we think that you should know some things about us.

Eve’s Wonderland is a small family company based in Belgrade, Serbia. Every single product we are
offering is hand made with a lots of love and patience, using the most quality cotton,  soft and cuddly,  so your dearest one can enjoy them for a very long time and hopefully pass on to next generations.
Our designs are unique, cute and playful so kids can enjoy their time after bath, at the beach or
anywhere they like.

Our mission is to gain your trust and hear your opinion so you are more than welcome to share any idea
or suggestions that can make us even better.

So, enough talking, click on our products button and get to know Eve’s little friends who can’t wait to meet you.
With love,
Eve, from her Wonderland